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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Adoption A Golden Retriever
Those of you who want a Golden Retriever but aren't ready to go through the trials and tribulations of a puppy, should look into adopting an older Golden. Older Golden Retrievers are mature, and prove to be great in homes where they need to spend a quality amount of time by themselves. They are a very adjustable breed, being good tempered. No matter how old the Golden may be, he will quickly become a valued member of your family in little to no time at all.Many times, breeders will have older dogs for sale. There are several reasons for this, which include show dogs that have lost their potential, studs that have been used for breeding, female Golden's that have been bred a few times then retired, or other types of special conditions where a breeder is helping a friend get rid of his Golden Retriever. There are other reasons as well, although whatever they may be - the adult Golden Retriever will be available for anyone who wants him.Most older Golden Retrievers are already housebroken, and known a lot of behavior patterns and how to adapt to a new and loving family. Although it will be a little hard on your new dog at first, if you give him plenty of love, attention, and patience, he will be just fine. You need to keep reassuring your new Golden on a regular basis, and let him know that you are his new owner and that you love you and you are glad he is a member of your family.If you have been thinking of adopting an older Golden Retriever, you should make sure that you learn everything you can about him. You should also determine his temperament, and whether or not it is compatible with your family. You should also learn important things as well, such as his diet, likes, dislikes, daily routine, and his habits. Before you decide to take him, you should always make sure that the members of your family meet him as well, so you can talk it over and decide whether or not everyone wants the dog to be a member of your family.With an older dog, you need to take care of him for the first days, and let him know where everything in your home is. You will need to show him where he sleeps, where he should use the bathroom, and where his food is. Take your time and be patient with him, as will normally take him a few days to learn how things in your home work.You should always give your new Golden Retriever at least a month or so to get used to his new environment, before you start his new obedience training. Even though your new dog may have some prior obedience training, you should still enroll him in a new class. This way, he can brush up on training and you can work with him to help him understand. Once you have finished training, he will understand your commands better and you and him will get along just fine.All Golden Retrievers, regardless of their age, love attention. Older Golden's on the other hand, may have medical problems that you are not aware of. You should't let this stop you from getting one though, simply because the rewards that you will find are far greater than any cons that may come to mind. Although many people don't give a lot of thought to getting an older Golden Retriever - they are perfect for families who don't want to put up the time and troubles of raising a puppy.

Why Dogs Rule

Why Dogs Rule
Ever wonder why dogs make such good pets? It's not something many people seem to give much thought to, but I've been pondering it lately. I've had cats, snakes, fish, even a bird once, but as pets they all compare unfavorably (in my humble opinion) to playful puppy dogs. But why? It's not like those other species don't have their good points as pets.
I've concluded that the main reason that dogs make better pets is a simple one, although it's not one that most people ever really think about. They show their need for us, openly and honestly. They don't hold anything back. Most other animals tend to be aloof and sometimes downright arrogant at times. Cats come to mind.
I realize that my reasoning involves a certain amount of anthropomorphism (applying human traits to non-humans), but that's my point! I think we can't help but be more attracted to dogs precisely because they appeal to us in human terms. They're loyal, loving, needy, funny, always nice to us, etc. And I think the best pets are those who fulfill those kinds of needs we all have.
And it doesn't matter if you prefer small dog breeds like a Chihuahua or a Yorkshire Terrier, or a larger breed like Golden Retrievers or Rottweilers. I've had dogs as pets in all shapes and sizes, and they invariably exhibit the wonderful traits we all crave. There's nothing quite like coming home from a long day and being met at the door by a wagging tail and happy disposition. Know what I mean? Dogs are simply the best friends we can ever know!
Just some food for thought…
John Schwartz is the owner and webmaster of He lives in East Texas with his wife, Shannon, who owns a dog rescue 'no kill' shelter.
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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Since I'm new at this, I'll start things off. I would like to get opinions from people who feed their dogs raw food. I started doing this about a year and a half ago, and my dogs seem to be doing quite well on the diet. However, I recently decided to feed a very good quality kibble for the second feeding of the day. I did this because I wasn't sure they were getting the nutrition they required. I would like to hear from someone that has been feeding raw and what nutritional supplements they are adding. I have heard that too much vitamin C can be toxic to dogs, so I don't know how much and what kind of vitamin C should be given.

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